The Truth About Cybersecurity

We’ve all heard the word “cybersecurity” before, particularly in recent years. But have you ever stopped to actually ask yourself, what is cybersecurity? It’s become such a household term but is still somewhat abstract, as most Americans likely would struggle to define the concept and give concrete examples of strong cybersecurity principles. So, let’s dive in and lay a strong foundation for understanding cybersecurity—so you can stay safe on the internet while protecting yourself on the web.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is typically defined as a multi-layered effort to defend oneself or an organization from targeted cyberattacks. As the world increasingly communicates, conducts business and even socializes through the world wide web, criminals have turned their attention to the internet for such purposes as stealing credit card information, carrying out identity fraud and, as we saw in recent politics, interfering in international elections. Cybersecurity is the coordinated effort to fight back against those crimes.

A true cybersecurity strategy involves three elements




What is Cybersecurity in Action?

Technology is often the source people think about when it comes to cybersecurity. Cybercriminals have developed sophisticated ways to attack computers and personal devices, as well as networks and information stored on the cloud, so it’s important to ensure technology is deployed across all of these platforms, such as anti-virus software and firewalls. Free public email is often an entry point for criminals to attack a personal computer or device, so another defense mechanism is using a private email address, which provides end-to-end encryption that stops privacy intrusions.

Processes also need to be beefed up to provide a strong cybersecurity front. Businesses must ensure their IT and security departments have a protocol in place to effectively deal with cyberattacks, and individual users also should develop strategies to manage these threats. People are another important component of cybersecurity, as they can take a number of simple steps to contribute to cybersecurity. Strong passwords that are changed frequently, avoiding attachments in emails and unsolicited social media messages, and using private email services are just a few of the steps individuals can take to follow smart cybersecurity principles.

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