There are things you need to know about how to maintain your private email account. Physical mail is protected, your email can be as well with Reagan’s private email service.

Whatever their reasons may be, most large corporation email providers scan your emails to garner information about you and your preferences. While you might not be harboring national secrets, it’s still not a great feeling knowing that someone out there has access to reading your emails.

If you take a closer look at most company privacy policies, you will see language that protects their right to review and read your seemingly private email account. Microsoft’s policy, which was brought to light following a public relations nightmare involving Hotmail leaks, states that they “may access or disclose information about you, including the content of your communications, in order to ... protect the rights or property of Microsoft." The policies at Google and Yahoo have nearly identical system codes, which legally allows your information to be viewed at the discretion of each provider.

Additional layers of email providers scanning your information include NSA spying, which Google was caught doing after Edward Snowden revealed the partnership in 2013. While Google claims to have stopped working with the government, Yahoo continued working with the NSA to garner information until October 2016.

These types of invasions of privacy should not be the norm when trying to maintain a private email account. Let our private email services at protect your information and keep you from falling into the security policy traps of big business.