The Best Way to Send and Receive Private Emails

When using a “free” rather than private email service, you might think that you are sending perfectly secure emails based on how and to whom you’re sending your messages. Secure is the furthest thing from the truth. Not only are these mainstream providers storing your emails and reading through your information, but their services are often free due to the revenue they generate through sharing users’ information for advertising purposes. Additionally, the government can see stored email information through corporation providers without so much as a warrant.

If the law covers your physical mail, then you should have the same protections over your communications through email.

Why Choose A Private Email

  • Take Control

    Have the control over how and what you are sharing on the internet.

  • Get Protection

    Standard SSL, TSL encryption is not utilized through large HTML email providers.

  • Transparency

    Private email companies want to work with you and aren’t looking to hide the truth

Choosing a private email service gives you the control and the flexibility to know what you are sharing and how to guard it. uses standard SSL, TSL encryption that is not utilized through large HTML email providers. Through this, we strive to ensure security through the privacy protections to which we are dedicated. When there is less information made available, there is less information that needs to be secured.

But your work is not finished when you sign up with a private email service. While your information is protected by our server, you must constantly remain vigilant on the internet and be cautious with the emails you send and the emails that find their way into your inbox. Flashy, HTML emails may be used to gather data from the first click to open, which then determines not only a working email address but your IP address as well. Some popular email providers have also admitted that they frequently scan email from as well as those to their email subscribers in order to gather data for advertisement and informational purposes. stands behind a strong privacy standard for the protection of your information while you safeguard those protections through careful examination of your daily email uses. Together, we create the environment you deserve when it comes to your online communication practices and interactions. Sign up for a secure and safe private email through today to make sure you are taking all the steps to protect your personal information online.