Why Reagan.com Secure Email Service is Better Than Other Email Providers

When it comes to email, not all service providers are created equal. Finding the best private and secure email service can be an overwhelming endeavor. Between security, privacy, and value – selecting an email service that closely mirrors your desires and beliefs is key. Reagan.com offers a private email service that is unmatched by other service providers on the market. Not only do we offer exceptional customer support, we’re U.S. based, and we offer the ability to continue the historic legacy of President Ronald Reagan.

But just touting the benefits of our service doesn’t truly inform you on how to select the right email service for you. Here are some of our competitors and ways that they may come up short in the search for the best private email service:

ProtonMail – While this provider offers secure email, they do not provide any sort of instantaneous customer support. If you have a problem and are looking for a support tech to chat with, you’ll be directed to an FAQs section on their site with no live person to chat with. In addition, ProtonMail is not U.S. based.

Tutanota – This German-based company provides “free secure email.” Though you can use their services as an American, there’s no U.S.-based contact information on their website. In addition, they don’t offer real-time customer support.

Yoover – Some email service providers seem similar to ours, however, one thing that no other private email company has in common with us is recognition. For example, Yoover offers a private email service, too. But the most significant thing they lack is the recognition of the Reagan name.

Traditional Email – “Free” email services like those provided by Google, Yahoo, and AOL are not truly free. These services are not private and, in fact, scan your information for data to sell to big companies that make a profit off you. They use this data to target you with ads and spam.

Finding the best private email service doesn’t have to be a challenge. Using Reagan.com will not only protect your information but offer the opportunity to uphold the values and legacy of one of the greatest presidents in our nation’s history.

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