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3 Things to Know About the Best Private Email Service

Is your email private? Are you using the best private email service? Email privacy is one of the biggest issues in today’s online world. Many people don’t realize that if they’re using free email services like Google or Yahoo, their emails are being scanned. You might know that your email service provider is scanning your message to weed out things like spam, but did you know they’re also collecting information? Free email providers have access to the things you write, who you’re sending to, and the information you include. They use this information for advertising and beyond. Here are some important things you need to know about email privacy:

1. Even sending to Google users exposes your information. Even if you don’t use Google, your information and emails are still susceptible to scanning. Google freely admits that they scan any email sent to or from their subscribers to gain data for advertising purposes.

2. Messages older than 180 days can be seized by authorities. Current legislation, that was written three years before the World Wide Web was invented, allows the warrantless collection of citizens’ emails. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act allows authorities to “be able to get Americans’ e-mail, or their documents stored online that are more than six months old, without having to acquire a judge’s permission, as long as the authorities promise it is ‘relevant’ to a criminal investigation.” Even with a secure or private email service, this legislation is valid however, does not comply with blanket warrants from government agencies seeking access to user data.

3. HTML emails may farm for data. Using HTML to create an attractive and effective email message is a common practice among companies. They use this formatting to include eye-catching images, but those images may be stored on a web server that your email client connects to in order to download them. When this happens, the sender of the message may be able to find out information about you. Just by opening the email and letting these images load, the sender may be able to determine if your email address is active and working, that you opened the message, and your IP address.

To add a layer of protection against your information being compromised or accessed, sign up for a private email service. At, we respect your privacy and your freedom to decide who has access to your emails. To that end, our mission is to provide you with an affordable, secure, private email service that is accessible on all of your devices.

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