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scissors cutting words “tax cuts” April 15, 2019 | IN HIS WORDS
Tax Day & Ronald Reagan Tax Cutting Legacy |

 “Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." - Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan’

iphone location services settings April 03, 2019 | PRIVACY AND FREEDOM
How to Turn Off Locations on Your iPhone |

We’ve all heard that our digital devices have the ability to track our online behavior — from our emails to our shopping history — but did you know they can also record our actual physical movements?

cybersecurity block text March 27, 2019 | EMAIL AND TECHNOLOGY
How A Government Shutdown Effects Cybersecurity |

Of all the long-lasting impacts of the recent government shutdown, cybersecurity may be the most concerning — especially as the vulnerabilities exposed during this situation are sure to emerge again,

YouTube play button with censored tape March 12, 2019 | PRIVACY AND FREEDOM
Conservative Search Results Blacklisted |

Google Blacklists Conservative Search Results’s long been known that Google is one of the leading

Portrait of President Ronald Reagan February 20, 2019 | IN HIS WORDS
How Reagan’s Role in Hollywood Politics Prepared Him For the White House

How Reagan’s Role in Hollywood Politics Prepared Him For the White HouseRonald Reagan had a rather unconventional path to the White House. Instead of being reared in elite circles that were firmly ent

Lock shape formed out of computer hardware February 06, 2019 | PRIVACY AND FREEDOM
Protecting Your Privacy On Social Media |

Sites like Facebook and Twitter have become the major social currency of our digital age, connecting billions of people around the world. Social media plays an unprecedented role in our society, one t

First Amendment excerpt on religious freedom January 22, 2019 | PRIVACY AND FREEDOM
Ronald Reagan and Religious Freedom |

Reagan and Freedom of ReligionThe views of Ronald Reagan on religious freedom illustrate how the concept of liberty was present in all of corners of his presidency. Like all other areas, Reagan believ

Mouth with tape over it marked with an x January 08, 2019 | PRIVACY AND FREEDOM
Restricting Free Speech on College Campuses |

Restricting Free Speech on College Campuses | Reagan.comCollege campuses have long been considered beacons of the free exchange of ideas. Universities have served as the backdrops of famous protests a

Hand graphic coming out of computer screen December 26, 2018 | EMAIL AND TECHNOLOGY
Facebook Gave Access to User’s Data

It’s no secret that social media giants like Facebook have a history of improperly handling users’ data — but the extent to which the company has put its members’ Internet privacy at risk is just star

Portrait of President Ronald Reagan December 26, 2018 | IN HIS WORDS
Ronald Reagan Cold War Policies | Reagan and Russia

Reagan and the Cold WarThe ongoing questions over Russian election meddling have placed the country in the American public consciousness on a level not seen since the Cold War. At that time, Americans