How to Protect Your Digital Privacy at Work

December 15, 2021

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at is: “Does a person have a right to privacy at work?” And the answer is yes and no. We’re not trying to be funny or vague with our answer to this question. But there is no black-and-white answer—it’s fairly gray. 

Presently, it is not uncommon for employers to monitor, screen and track employees' company-related email, phone conversations, movements and locations. While this may seem reasonable when it comes to company-owned equipment (phones, cell phones, vehicles) and business-related communications (emails, texts, faxes), many organizations are starting to encroach on their employees’ personal privacy. The monitoring has moved beyond business-related outlets and extended into employees’ own private communications.  

Below, we’ll discuss some of the ways many businesses may be privy to personal information. 

Three Common Types of Workplace Surveillance


Social Media Monitoring

Many employers are relying on third-party firms to perform background checks on prospective employees’ social media accounts. If the results indicate that a candidate posts content that the employer finds objectionable, they can prevent the person from moving forward in the hiring process. Companies can also dismiss existing employees if they discover content that they find objectionable on that employee’s personal (not business-related) social media page.


Email Monitoring

While it's perfectly reasonable for companies to monitor their business-owned email accounts (it is their business after all), most employees would consider it an invasion of privacy for their employer to access their personal email accounts. However, a company can monitor most anything that is accessed through its computer system. That includes an employee’s personal email account. 

How is that possible? Many courts have ruled that, although the email account is the employee’s own personal account, they are accessing it using company-owned computers, servers, and equipment. So, if you’re sending an email to a spouse, friend or family member from your own personal email account, but you’re doing so on your work computer, your employer can read it - legally.

Personal Phone

Do you use your personal smartphone to access your company email account? If so, you probably signed away some of your personal rights. When employers ask their employees to use their personal phones for business purposes, most do not have any issues with that arrangement. Yet, most employees do not read the small print on the “use your own device” waivers that the employer asks them to sign. If they did, the employees would realize that, in order to guard their confidential business information, most employers ask their employees to waive their personal privacy. That means an employer can monitor and even erase information on an employee's personal phone if they feel that their confidential business information was compromised. 


How You Can Protect Your Privacy

It’s bad enough that you have to protect your personal email and information from cybercriminals and computer hackers. Now, you have to potentially protect the privacy of your personal information at work, too! 

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