What Made Ronald Reagan's Presidency So Special?

November 08, 2017

Email is such a universal practice that individuality can often be lost amid the countless accounts and servers that exist. At Reagan.com we considered how to make private email addresses more personal and decided to model ours after one of the most distinctive leaders in American history.

An account that prioritizes security and individual rights seemed to be a fitting tribute to President Ronald Reagan, whose tenure upheld all of those principles. His presidency was so special because of where he passionately stood on a number of issues and never wavered.

Reagan on Security Issues

On security, Reagan stood out from all modern American presidents. Restored national security was one of the cornerstones of his presidential campaign, and he delivered on that promise. Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative significantly enhanced the United States’ ability to defend itself against potential threats. With this program, the country was able to jumpstart its production of advanced missile defense technology, harnessing Reagan’s support for a strong military with his embrace of innovation. He also was an expert negotiator, skills that helped the country to navigate security threats and to contribute to global peace talks.

Reagan on Individual Rights

On individual rights, Reagan was also a leader. He worked for the middle class, pioneering tax programs that put money back into the pockets of the nation’s hardest workers, and supporting social programs that incentivized personal responsibility. He worked to reduce the role of the federal government in the daily lives of Americans, relaxing strict regulations on agencies like the Department of Justice and Department of Transportation.

With a legacy of leadership that is unparalleled, Reagan continues to impact modern American society, even decades after leaving the White House. Honoring his legacy is easy through using a private email address from Reagan.com. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how you can uphold the Great Communicator’s values and vision.

Carry on Ronald Reagan's tradition of support for personal freedom and conservative values by signing up for your own Reagan.com email address. Our secure private email service will keep your information and personal communications safe.

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