What are the Potential Implications of Not Using a Private and Secure Email Service?

January 30, 2018

Cyber security is a hot-button issue these days, and for good reason.

        As hacking becomes more sophisticated and organized, the role that a secure email address can play in protecting one’s personal and professional information is becoming more defined. However, despite the benefits of a private email account, many people are still using public, non-protected email, putting themselves and others at serious risk.

        Just what are the ramifications of not using a secure email address?

        Public email providers store all messages on external servers, which could make that information more vulnerable to hacking. That risk has become a reality in recent years, with widespread security breaches at public providers like Yahoo.

        Such intrusions could have serious implications for users. Personal information like financial data, passwords, contact information and more could be at risk in the event of an email breach. That data in the wrong hands could lead to identity theft or credit card fraud, which could take months and even years to rebound from.

        Using a non-private email account for business purposes could have extremely far-reaching impacts. If sensitive company data is stolen, the organization’s financial future could be at risk. If information about the company’s customers is exposed, that not only puts each customer at risk, but threatens the business’ reputation and its relationship with current or future clients.

        Public providers are also subject to more extensive surveillance by federal agencies because of regulations the servers abide by; that could put users’ information under unnecessary surveillance. Such email providers are also more easily compelled to turn over message through legal requests like those filed under the Freedom of Information Act than private email accounts.

        All of these risks can be remedied by using a secure email address, an easy and efficient way to protect yourself online.

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