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Why You Should Pay For Private Email

As technology has advanced, security has been at the core of new developments and progressions of our cars, homes, and devices. Email, however, was not initially designed with security in mind, which gave email providers the freedom to monetize their “free” services to internet consumers tired of paying exorbitant costs for their everyday technologies. Leaving your private email service in the hands of big business is not the way to go when trying to ensure your privacy.


These companies - such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL - push the idea of a free email service to users and then gather information through the scanning of your emails, preferences and internet actions. Additionally, these email providers are able to track your physical location as well as your internet browsing history. Does that sound “free” to you?


As the saying goes, “if you don’t pay for a product, then you are the product.” When you pay for a secure and private email service, you are ensuring that your information will remain your information and will be regulated by a strong privacy standard. Support centers at paid email providers will remain at your service to make sure you always have the peace of mind when it comes to your email.


Additionally, our email service works on any device and you can access it from anywhere.

Get Secure & Private Email Now

Our private email service at allow users to safeguard their email and internet history as we will never copy, scan, or sell any of your email content. For us, private means private.

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