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What are Email Privacy Risks and How to Avoid Them

Email communication is the epicenter of our digital lives. But it wasn’t meant to be. Because of that, the hundreds of email systems that have grown from the early days of the internet were not built with security in mind, leaving us to navigate the privacy risks associated with free email services. Acquiring a private email service, on the other hand, creates a safe outlet to ensure the highest level of protection for your daily communications.

But wouldn’t all email services want to boast privacy and security?

Not at all. The biggest security issue when it comes to emails today is the access providers have to read your information. As it is almost impossible to do anything these days without having your identity associated, network and email providers gather this data to tailor advertisements, notifications, and distributions to what they believe you will interact with. The data collection also benefits the government and companies in predictively analyzing your habits and abilities in your job, travel, and finances. Stored in plain text on their sites and servers, any hack - whether an intentional security breach or a security flaw - your private information is now out in the open for anyone to see, use, and steal. When information is stored in the clouds of large providers, your identity, your information, and your business is left in a vulnerable state with uncertain outcomes.

A private email service, like Reagan, clarifies those uncertainties connected to the open-ended funnel of mainstream providers by offering you the control over your email. Rooted in the privacy aspects that molded President Reagan’s governance over the country, respects your right to keeping your information safeguarded in the ideal, but rarely executed standards of online privacy and security.

Accessible on all of your devices, our private email service is a trusted, affordable option in protecting the freedom you won’t get anywhere else.

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