Support - 5 Common Sign In Questions

I just purchased and I am not sure if I successfully completed my sign up or how to sign in for the first time?

- After completing your purchase it takes approximately 15 minutes for your mailbox to be ready for use. After this period of time you can check on your account by signing in. You can sign in by clicking on the My Email button in the upper right corner of our home page.  On this page you will sign in using your full email address including the on the end (Ex. along with the password you created when signing up. 

How do I reset My Password?
-The "Reset Password" button is located on your email sign in page just below where you enter your log-in credentials. When using the reset feature please be sure to choose the same security question that you created at sign up. Your answer to your security question is case sensitive so be sure to use the exact spelling and capitalization you used at the time of sign up.

Is my "My Account" sign in the same as my Email sign in?
- To enter your "Member Area" located in the upper right corner of our home screen please use your same sign in credentials as for your email. You will use your Reagan address along with your password.

Can I have my browser remember my username and password?
-Yes, if you access your browsers settings you can set your browser to remember your usernames and passwords. Each browser will vary depending on the particular one used and the version number. This setting is located under the "Security" section for Firefox and it is located on the general settings tab for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Google Chrome:Click here for the Google support page
Firefox::Click here for the Mozilla support page
Internet Explorer::Click here for the Microsoft support page

I do not remember my security question, how can I reset my password?
-If you are locked out of your account and do not remember your security question please use our live chat located on the left hand side of our home page and also on our support page for assistance with accessing your account.