Summer Travel: Internet Security in Hotels, Airports, and Public Places

July 19, 2017

The sun is shining, schools are out, and temps are soaring. For many, summer means one thing: vacation.

Whether you’re setting off with the youngsters, taking a getaway with your spouse or heading out for some personal recharging time, chances are most of us are going to take a trip before the summer wraps up. While we may get some time out of the office, thanks to smart phones and tablets, work often follows us on vacation. Answering emails and accessing private files while in flight or poolside at your hotel may be convenient, but it could also set you up for some security risks.

Here are a few tips for keeping your privacy a priority while you’re on the road:

  • Don’t hop onto just any Wi-Fi. Only use a Wi-Fi hotspot that you have verified belongs to the hotel, airport or public space where you are. Signing onto an unsecured hotspot could open your devices to hacking, especially if you’re not using a secure email service.
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi when it’s not in use. Leaving your devices Wi-Fi-enabled when they’re sitting unused in your hotel room or elsewhere on your trip could increase the risk of them being accessed by outsiders.
  • Use a secure email service. Private email does just what it says: it lets you keep your private email private, without your messages being stored in vast and often-accessible databases, like most public services.
  • Don’t use public computers for any password-protected services. Since you don’t know what type of security measures are in place at public computers at hotels, libraries or other spots you might encounter on your trip, you don’t want to input any personal information onto those devices. Use public computers for general tasks like checking the weather or looking for local attractions.

There’s plenty of time for fun in the sun this summer, but make sure to take some extra time to safeguard your Internet security so you can enjoy your vacation stress-free. 

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