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July 09, 2018

Reagan and 21st-Century Privacy

When Ronald Reagan was in office, the concept of email was in its infancy; it would be several more decades before email came to power nearly every corner of personal and professional communication across the world. While times have changed, a lot can be predicted about what the late president’s views on modern topics would be from his past positions and policies.

Secure private email would doubtlessly be an area about which Ronald Reagan would feel strongly, as Reagan and privacy went hand in hand. He was a champion of the concept that Americans had the intrinsic, constitutional right to freedom—and threats to privacy are often motivated by a desire to restrict one’s free expression or speech. Reagan continuously fought for Americans, and the American economy, to be free from excessive government involvement and overly regulated industries, and to have more control over how they operate their daily lives. In today’s world, those goals would certainly extend to our primary way of communicating, as secure private email moves away from models that leave users’ information exposed and potentially compromised by government or other sources, putting the control back in the hands of Americans, where it belongs.

Here are a few ways that you can embrace that idea in your own email usage:

5 Steps to Keep Your Email Safe

  1. Use secure private email: With end-to-end encryption and safe storage, secure private email allows users to control exactly who sees their messages.
  2. Practice safe surfing: Get in the habit of adopting general safety precautions for all online usage, such as turning off Google tracking when you’re on the web.
  3. Protect your device: Use antivirus software to enhance your protection against hackers or other security threats.
  4. Avoid public WiFi: Only use the password-protected WiFi in your own home. Joining free public networks can heighten security risks.
  5. Stay educated: Keep on top of the latest tools and techniques to keep your secure private email protected, while also remaining aware of potential trends in security threats.

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