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March 20, 2018

How Your Data Affects What You See—And How Private Email Helps You Stay Safe

        Online advertising is a rapidly evolving industry, one that is increasingly becoming a personalized and targeted experience.

        For instance, you may have noticed that, shortly after you conduct a search for a particular product on Google, something related to that item shows up on advertising spots in your email. Or, after visiting news sites focused on a particular political leaning, your email starts getting bombarded by messages carrying political subjects. The phenomenon even extends to the grocery store: When you download mobile coupons through your store’s app, you may be surprised to find pop-up advertising for what you just bought the next time you log online.

        In today’s digital age, our online—and even offline—habits aren’t private. Google and other sites may be tracking your digital footprint in order to create a profile that will help companies that want to target you for advertising or other purposes.  On top of that seeming privacy intrusion, this practice also can leave Internet users’ personal and potentially sensitive information unprotected.

        There are a number of options for how to get personal information off of Google. First, log into Google’s My Activity tab and delete your history. Then click the Activity Controls tab and toggle the button to off for each of the tools you use, such as web activity, YouTube and location services.

        If you’re exploring how to remove personal information from the Internet, you can also consider modifying your browser settings to the Incognito mode, which allows you to surf the web without your activity being tracked.

        One of the best options for people who want to know how to get your personal information off the Internet is to get a private email account. Free public email services are prone to working with advertisers to target users based on their online practices, meaning increased spam mail, clogged inboxes and deceptive pop-up ads. Private email, however, with its encryption and other security measures, prioritizes users’ privacy as opposed to exploiting it.

        Our personal data should be just that: personal. Taking proper online precautions like modifying privacy settings and signing up for private email can help Internet users protect themselves and their information.

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