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September 21, 2018

Keeping Your Personal Information Away from Big Corporations

Protecting personal information is one of the primary concerns of many Internet users, especially as scams and data breaches continue to plague the country. However, there is no easy fix to the issue, as threats to Internet security and email privacy become more and more sophisticated.

Complicating matters is the idea that private citizens not only have to think about protecting personal information from hackers but also from seemingly less threatening sources, such as big corporations. Whereas in the past, the mailboxes outside of our homes may have been bombarded with circulars, postcards and more aiming to sell products and services, those messages have since gone digital. Online marketing is a huge business for most large corporations, but repeated and unwanted email messages are yet another cause for headaches. Likewise, corporate use of private email addresses is rarely regulated, meaning if a corporation has your address, you have little control over what it does with it, which makes protecting personal information a major obstacle.

How to Keep Your Information Safe from Corporate Interference:

1. Use private email: Email privacy is best protected when the user relies on a private service. This allows for end-to-end encryption, better safeguards, in-house data storage and tight restrictions on the use of your email address

2. Avoid retail sign-ups: It may be tempting to enter your email address to score extra coupons or for certain deals, but once you release that information, you may be bombarded by messages from the retailer and an untold number of other sources.

3. Don’t shop online: Reduce your digital footprint by shopping in store instead of online, where most companies require your email address, putting email privacy at risk.

4. Read the fine print: If you do provide your email to a corporation, make sure to read privacy policies and any other fine print that could regulate how your address is used. If you click OK without actually reading through the policies, you could be at a loss if you ever want to challenge how the company used your email address.

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