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GOP Field Heads West After Florida Primary Brawl

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

(Fox news) The Republican presidential candidates fanned out across the country Wednesday, as they prepared for a new round of elections which will require a greater human touch than the debate- and ad-driven campaigns of delegate-rich Florida. 

Mitt Romney, whose campaign by far boasts the monetary advantage in the Republican field, cruised to a win in the Sunshine State Tuesday night, defeating Newt Gingrich by 14 points. 

The former Massachusetts governor told Fox News on Wednesday that the debates, in which he notched two strong performances, "were the deciding feature" for Floridians. Gingrich's debate performances a week prior were likewise credited in playing a role in his victory in South Carolina. 

Only one debate is scheduled for February, and not until later in the month. Before then, the candidates will have to compete in five caucuses states-- contests that typically attract fewer, but more devoted, Republican voters than traditional primaries. 

The next contest, in Nevada on Saturday, drew just 45,000 participants in 2008.