New Social Scoring System: How Will It Affect You?

September 25, 2019

Is Silicon Valley censoring conservatives? That certainly appears to be the case, as the trend toward banning Americans—from social media use to ride- or house-sharing services—is gaining more and more traction, and many see conservatives as a prime target.  

We’ve all heard the stories of prominent conservative voices being kicked off—both temporarily and permanently—of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for sharing their views. As big-name tech companies are largely left-leaning and led by liberally minded individuals, that begs the question; is Silicon Valley censoring conservatives on a wider scale? A recent report by Fast Company suggests so, likening the process to China’s controversial “social scoring system.”

Government Monitoring of Morals

In China, the government has formalized a rating system whereby all residents are scored on their lifestyle and habits. For instance, they can lose points for having a messy sidewalk and gain them for acts of kindness. However, the system takes a decidedly oppressive turn with the consideration of political behavior, donations, and religious beliefs, all of which are monitored by the government in power, which seemingly is aiming to stamp out belief systems that counter it or other dominant groups.

Could Social Scoring Affect You?

The treatment of conservative Americans may be headed in this direction. Popular house-sharing site Airbnb and ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have the ability to permanently ban users from their services, with no explanation on the part of the companies. This opens up the door to these left-leaning companies to restrict access by conservatives.

Apart from tech companies themselves monitoring and restricting usage, the concept of Silicon Valley censoring conservatives also extends to companies that use their tech products. For instance, the Fast Company article notes that insurance companies have been known to monitor social media of applicants and clients. They could deny coverage or make it more costly to those whom they deem to take health risks, simply on account of the photos or messages the person posts. It isn't a far cry to imagine companies using this rationale to restrict activity by conservatives.

As these tech companies wield more and more power and authority in American society, the slippery slope that could continue to lead to the restricting of rights and privacy violations of conservatives continues to become steeper. One way to protect yourself is by using a private email service like to keep your data and personal information out of the hands of Big Tech in Silicon Valley.


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