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August 06, 2019


Celebrate National Veep Day

We all know that the country honors its commander-in-chief every February, but did you know there is also an occasion in which Americans pay tribute to the second in command? National Veep Day is marked every year on August 9th.

The holiday recognizes the office of the vice president of the United States, and the many distinguished men who have held the title throughout the country’s existence. While the vice president often doesn’t have the same headline-generating title as the president, nor the same place in the history books, our nation’s vice presidents have been integral to shaping public policy and ensuring American success. Many have also used the position as a jumping-off point to ascend to the Oval Office.

For instance, President Ronald Reagan’s vice president, George H.W. Bush, ultimately went on to become commander-in-chief. Bush had actually run for the top spot in the 1980 Republican primary election, going head to head with Reagan for months before Reagan ultimately secured the party’s nomination — and picked Bush as his running mate. For eight years, the two worked side by side rebuilding the nation’s economy and establishing lasting foreign diplomacy. When Reagan’s two terms came to a close, Bush took his turn to pursue the White House; while Reagan stayed neutral in public, seemingly because of complex political and personal affiliations, it’s reported that he privately backed Bush’s election.

Today, we’re seeing another occasion of the vice president seeking to return to the White House, as former Vice President Joe Biden is considered a front-runner for the Democratic nomination for the 2020 presidential election. Only time will tell if history will repeat itself. But what is certain now is that National Veep Day will continue to be a time for the country to reflect on leaders of the past and consider what tomorrow’s leaders can learn from their example.


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