Myths & Truths about our Actions Online

March 13, 2018

Myths and Truths About Our Actions Online

Most Americans use the Internet every single day, particularly through email, which powers all aspects of our personal and professional lives. But, even though it's something that we all use frequently, it's often misunderstood, especially when it comes to how we should best protect our privacy and freedom. 

Here are a few misconceptions about online use, and facts that can keep you secure when using the internet.

Myth: No one can access your email without your consent. 

Truth: There are a number of instances in which your email can be subject to privacy violations. Apart from malicious hacking, public email services often store messages on large public servers, which could open them to prying eyes. Without a secure private email address, someone may also be able to gain access to your communication through a freedom of information and privacy-related request. Encrypted, private email is the best way to ensure your messages are secure.

Myth: Changing your email password is the most effective way to secure your email.

Truth: The most secure online email address isn't made so by a password. What matters more is the type of email server that is used, as private email is more safely processed and stored. Password changing is smart, but that alone cannot protect your email. Adding extra layers of security, such as through private email, encryption and other means, is the best approach.

Myth: Phishing scams are obvious to spot.

Truth: Phishing emails, or those that are disguised to trick users into divulging sensitive information, are getting more and more sophisticated. Emails may be modeled after real messages down to the most minute detail, making it near impossible to spot the scam. Even the most astute Internet user can be persuaded by the convincing tactics that phishing scammers have adopted. Having stringent email security in place is the best kind of defense against what could be dangerous email scams. 

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