Top 10 Achievements by Ronald Reagan

May 22, 2018

Ronald Reagan has long been considered a model for decades of conservative political leaders who came after him. This is primarily due to all that he was able to achieve while in office, but also how because of how deeply those policies and practices became ingrained in the foundation of America. When examining the accomplishments of Ronald Reagan, it's important to note that many of the changes he ushered in during his presidency may not have been fully realized and appreciated until after he was out of office. That makes this lengthy list of Ronald Reagan’s accomplishments even more impressive, and is largely why he is the face of, the email alternative for conservatives that represents the safety and security America needs.

What Did Ronald Reagan Accomplish?

  • Tax Cuts: One of the most well-known Ronald Reagan major accomplishments was his tax cuts, which were designed to benefit the middle class.
  • Reaganomics: Tax cuts were just one part of Ronald Reagan's overall economic approach known as Reaganomics, which decreased unemployment and inflation and, over time, revolutionized the country's economic structure.
  • Republican Revolution: Ronald Reagan energized new generations of Republicans, who continued to lead and develop the party in coming decades.
  • Communication Style: One of the accomplishments of Ronald Reagan that clearly influenced later leaders was his charismatic, yet casual, speaking style, which ushered in a new era for political communication.
  • America First: Ronald Reagan spearheaded a campaign to re-focus the country's attention back on its own people, an idea that has again taken hold in recent years.
  • Military Might: Funding and development of the armed forces are a cornerstone of the list of Ronald Reagan major accomplishments, specifically the creation of the Strategic Defense Initiative to combat nuclear pressure.
  • Cold War: Ronald Reagan took a hard stance against communism and is credited with bringing about major turning points in the Cold War.
  • Technology: The development of new technology, to be used for everything from the military to education, was a key part of Ronald Reagan's platform.
  • Unusual Path: Ronald Reagan's unique journey from Hollywood actor to governor to president set a new precedent that world leaders do not need to come from insider circles in order to be successful.
  • Labor Unions: A Ronald Reagan accomplishment that has gone on to shape policy was his approach to labor unions that were operating outside of the law. He took a hardline against air-traffic controllers who were unjustly striking, setting a precedent that has been pointed to for decades.

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