How to Choose Conservative Alternatives to Some of the Most Popular Websites

December 20, 2017

As more and more Americans rely on the Internet for both education and entertainment, the implicit liberal bias of mass media is emerging as a significant point of concern for conservatives.

Political bias seems to abound online: Nearly all of the nation’s largest news outlets are left-leaning, and even social sites like Facebook may be limiting access to conservative news and websites. Many people get their political news through their email, and recent studies have shown that even large public email providers are prone to be left-leaning; setting up a private email account is a good way to ensure you’re getting fair and balanced news. Companies like focus on keeping your information safe and secure through our alternative private email service for conservatives—without any unnecessary political bias or limits on free speech.

When looking for alternative sites to subscribe to or follow, keep a few things in mind:

Dig beneath the headlines: In this age of “fake news,” make sure to spend some time delving into the sites. Even though it may have headlines that grab your attention, that doesn’t necessarily mean a site’s content is reputable or in line with conservative viewpoints.

Political ties: Conduct some research on the site’s backers to ensure the information is free of bias. Are they connected to any political candidates or organizations?

Don’t rely on social following: Social-media following doesn’t necessarily speak to an outlet’s legitimacy, as many of the most liberal mainstream organizations have significant social presences. Rely more on reviews from sources, both personally and in the wider political world, you trust rather than social-media numbers.

There are a number of really smart sites that check all of these boxes:

Red State: The equivalent to Politico, this politically focused blog features conservative takes on national news. A good blend of straightforward news, analysis and commentary, Red State provides quick and concise summaries of all the news conservatives care about. It’ “Local” section also includes roundups of localized stories, state by state.

Codias: If you’re looking for a place to connect and share information with fellow conservatives, Codias is a good option. Popular social-media sites are often flooded with liberal viewpoints and even targeted advertising, and Codias seeks to counter that narrative.

Conservapedia: Wikipedia for the conservative crowd. Topics include religion, modern and historical political movements and popular culture. The private email service that protects your right to privacy and freedom of speech.

Liberal media bias is an unfortunate reality of today’s political climate. With a bit of research, however, you can access online circles that keep you connected and in the know about all of the issues important to conservative-leaning Americans.

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