How Ronald Reagan Championed Individual Achievements and Not Technocracy

November 17, 2021



“We've come through some tough times, but we've come through them together -- all of us, from every race, every religion, and ethnic background. And we're going forward with values that have never failed us when we lived up to them -- dignity of work, love for family and neighborhood, faith in God, belief in peace through strength, and a commitment to protect the freedom which is our legacy as Americans.”

Those inspirational words, spoken by President Ronald Reagan to a large group of supporters in Hammonton, NJ on September 19, 1984, gives us a spectacular look at his vision for America. In his vision, President Reagan saw a country that supported small government and championed individual personal success. 



Yet, in that same address, President Reagan warned his supporters of those who sought to undermine the public’s yearning for less government interference and greater individual freedom: “They see America wringing her hands; we see America raising her hands. They see America divided by envy, each of us challenging our neighbor's success; we see America inspired by opportunity, all of us challenging the best in ourselves. We believe in knowing when opportunity knocks; they go out of their way to knock opportunity. They see an America where every day is April 15th, tax day; we see an America where every day is the Fourth of July.”


Beneath the Inspirational Message… a Warning for the Future


Who was President Reagan referring to? A particular and problematic type of politician: those who want to replace our beloved democracy with a technocracy. 

As we explained in a previous post, a technocracy is a system of government that, instead of relying on elected representatives to carry out the will of the people, hands all of the power to a group of elitists, academics, scientists and other self-described experts of industry and professions. In other words, these technocracy-supporting politicians and their technocratic ilk believe they know what's best for you. They’ll take care of everything. And all you have to do is sit there quietly and let them have their say in every part of your life. 

When President Reagan won reelection a few weeks after his Hammonton speech, he was able to prevent the technocrats from taking over the government. A few years later, when his Vice President George H.W. Bush was elected as his successor, President Reagan’s anti-technocracy mission continued with the new administration. 

However, things began to take a turn toward technocracy with the election of Bill Clinton in 1992. Throughout most of the 1990s and again in 2008, technocracy-supporting politicians began to dismantle many of the popular policies that President Reagan implemented to reduce government dependency and bolster individual success. 

Even though our country had a four-year reprieve from the harm caused by these technocracy-leaning administrations, our country is facing another crisis with the current administration. Presently, we are faced with an administration that wants to raise taxes to pay for outlandish policies that overstep the bounds of our traditional democracy and values. Even worse, the next wave of these politicians are even greater supporters of technocratic elites calling the shots. 

“Well, we won't let them put that ball and chain around America's neck. I don't think that you in South Jersey believe your families were put on this Earth just to help them make government bigger,” warned President Reagan almost 40 years ago. “They want to enact a massive tax increase to put in their new so-called trust fund. Well, we don't want their new government trust fund; we want a government that trusts you.”


Say No to Technocracy

How can Americans take a stand against technocracy? First, we must vote against and vote out any politician who supports technocratic values. Second, we must vote with our dollars. Big tech is one of the biggest bankrollers of these technocracy-supporting politicians and their harmful agendas. Instead of paying your hard-earned dollars to internet providers who will use your money to support politicians who despise individual freedom, you can put your trust in company that shares your values and beliefs.

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If you’re tired of Big Tech and technocrats gaining more control of our individual freedom, then it’s time to choose a different path. A better path. Join today and we’ll follow that path together.

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