Frequently Asked Questions

How does private secure email work? Learn about setting up a mailbox, how we handle spam, available storage space and more. Sign up for a private email account today!


How long does it take for my mailbox to be set up?
Typically this takes at least 10 minutes but can take up to 15 minutes if the site is extremely busy.

Can I link my Reagan Mail to another email account, or view my email on my phone?
Yes, you can link your Reagan Mail to another email account such as outlook or thunderbird. You also can have your emails sent to your android phone or Iphone. For a full list of linking instructions please navigate to our support page where you will find complete list.

Are emails generated on protected with any kind of encryption or security measure?
Yes emails generated from your account are encrypted so that they are secure when being sent.

Do you offer a way to make folders to keep and organize emails received?
Yes, you can set up separate folders to organize their mail into.

Can I see a sample of what the email format appears like and the tools available?
With your email service you are provided several tools. You will have access to a calendar feature, a tasks feature where you can set tasks and due dates, and also a notes feature where you can record and save notes.

How much email storage space will I get?  Also, what size are attachments limited to?
The current maximum mailbox size is 10Gigs, and the current attachments are limited to 50mb.

How do you handle spam?
We have spam filters in place in addition to each user being able to set their own spam settings. A user can choose to set a spam blocker for a particular sender or an entire domain name. A user can also flag individual emails as spam to help the system learn which emails the user recognizes as spam. The flagged for being spam will then be put into a separate folder for the user.

Is there a discount price for purchasing multiple e-mail addresses?
Currently we do not offer a discounted price for having multiple addresses.

I purchased an item but I am not sure if my payment went through? Or How do I check on my account to see my payment information?
To access your payment information please navigate to the Member Area tab located in red in the upper right hand side of the screen. Once you have logged into your Member Area, please select the Email Renewals icon to review your account information.

How do I perform a Blind Carbon Copy when sending an email?
To perform a BCC please begin to compose an email and in the upper right hand corner of the new message you will see a “more” function. Click on the “more” drop down menu and select “Show BCC Field”