Conservatives and Freedom | What it Means to be Free in 2018

July 01, 2018

What it Means to be Free in 2018

Conservatives and freedom have long gone hand in hand—and this idea is especially salient this year at Independence Day. Right-leaning Americans have traditionally been at the vanguard of American freedom: from a strong investment in and backing of the military and law enforcement to a belief in the constitutional guarantees guaranteed to all Americans, such as the right to bear arms and to exercise free speech. As American society has grown increasingly politicized in the last few years, these foundational freedoms have been thrust into the mainstream spotlight and been at the center of debate.

This trend has conservatives and freedom under fire on all fronts. Inherent issues such as the right for a licensed gun holder to carry a firearm shouldn’t be up for question, but in today’s cable news-dominated society, they are. The rise of social media and the spread of fake news have complicated the landscape even further. Memes and gifs are often the way some Americans are getting their news, which is highly politicized, biased and often littered with misstatements.

That environment makes this year’s Independence Day even more important. The basic ideals upon which this country was founded are all rooted in one thing: freedom. Conservatives are striving to hold onto that truth in all facets of life. From standing up for freedom of speech to lobbying lawmakers for stronger investments in veterans, conservatives are facing unparalleled pressure with their own unprecedented pushback. It is through this work that conservatives and freedom protectors are carrying out the foundations of Independence Day.

The holiday celebrates the vision and courage of those who stood up to tyranny to make a new world for themselves. It is this spirit that is guiding conservatives today, as they fend off those who aim to see their rights restricted and their potential thwarted. Independence Day is a time not just to celebrate but also to renew our resolve to keep fighting for freedom, which is needed now more than ever.

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