The Politics Behind Cybersecurity: Where We Are, and Where We Need to Be

February 13, 2018 | PRIVACY AND FREEDOM

Politics is everywhere in American society today: Rarely can you watch a television show, read a magazine, attend a community event or even help your child with homework without politics, in some way,


What You Can Do to Maintain Your Privacy on the Cloud

February 06, 2018 | PRIVACY AND FREEDOM

In today's digital age, phrases like "safe deposit box" are being phased out, replaced with new storage systems like "the cloud." While email security has long been a focus for those looking to mainta


What are the Potential Implications of Not Using a Private and Secure Email Service?

January 30, 2018 | Reagan: IN HIS WORDS

Cyber security is a hot-button issue these days, and for good reason.        As hacking becomes more sophisticated and organized, the role that a secure email address can play in protecting one’s pers


Maintaining Privacy in Solicitations

August 09, 2017 | PRIVACY AND FREEDOM

We’ve all been there. Just as you set your plate down on the dining room table, the phone starts ringing. You abandon your dinner and head to the phone, thinking it might be one of your kids or a fami