Best Private Email Providers that Don’t Track You

April 24, 2018

Finding an Email Provider That Doesn’t Track You

Email is now ingrained in our way of life: We use it to work, we use it communicate with family and friends, we use it to pay bills and shop—all of our most personal, as well as professional, messages usually find their way into our email. So, why would we want our email provider to be seeing, and even more especially, using our email and online activity?

Good email providers prioritize users’ privacy, giving them control over their messages, and putting in place strong filters to limit spam mail and targeted advertising. However, many public providers instead track their users’ activity, seeing what messages come in and out of their accounts as well as monitoring other online activity in order to tailor advertising. Large providers have been known to sell users’ information to third parties and are also frequently targeted by hackers, who can easily access their wide databases of information, which are stored externally.

The most effective way to avoid those risks is to opt for a private email provider. The best private email providers do not track users’ activity, with most founded on the idea that they will not keep a log of users’ IP address because such an approach is a privacy violation. They also offer a number of additional tools that public providers neglect. For instance, most will offer encryption, which provides an added layer of protection for users. The best email provider will utilize end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing well-rounded password security. Many of the best private email providers also steer away from taking advertising dollars, meaning both unbiased and secure services.

With email so central to our everyday communication, privacy should also be a primary goal. Just as we wouldn’t want the U.S. Postal Service monitoring our daily activities and filtering us snail mail based on that, we shouldn’t allow email providers to violate our privacy.


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