6 Apr 2020: Announcements serve as a critical page for the Reagan staff to talk directly to our customers. Due to spam increases, in particular, we decided to use this broadcast page to facilitate communications to our subscribers. A few key notes: we will never have clickable links on this page. Instead we will refer you to other locations that you must navigate to directly. This simple technique is an additional safety measure for this page.

We have a new companion site being launched the week of April 6, 2020. It is www.MyReelValues.com. Check this out when you have a moment and send some comments our way. We would enjoy hearing from you.

We are entering important new blogs onto our Reagan.com site. The upcoming blogs will be timely with current events. Please check in on the blogs often.

Finally, we are working on new privacy offerings within the world of messaging. We will make these new services known in the coming weeks. Stay tuned…

Our best wishes to you and yours.

- The Reagan.com staff.

06:00 PM 02 Nov 2020 - Renewal Dates added to Mailbox Header

We have added users' renewal dates in the mailbox header when you access through our site. This renewal date in your header also directs you to the Member Area. Allowing you to more easily monitor and control your account from within your email.

You will see a Red Past Due should there be any issue with your renewal. 

12:42 PM 20 Oct 2020 - Scheduled Maintenance 10/24/20 11-11:30pm EDT

On Saturday, October 24th, 2020 we will be executing a planned maintenance window to apply updates to the email system. As a result, you may notice a change to the login page from 11:00PM - 11:30PM EDT. After this maintenance window the login page will return to its regular formatting. 

09:49 AM 20 Jul 2020 - Login Page Not Showing Images

We implemented site updates the evening 7.19.20, however, the images for the login page were not dispalyed after the update. We have corrected the issue and restored the previous formatting.

There was no impact to the login section itself other than the images.

01:31 PM 22 Apr 2020 - Banner Information

A Dismissial button has been deployed for the banner. All comments are reviewed but please note that the comments section does not require login or account information, for security purposes. For any questions or comments requiring a response please visit the support page and engage with an agent using chat, in the lower right corner. 

This banner will only appear periodically when there is critical system information that must be communicated. 

06:27 PM 17 Apr 2020 - Identifying Phishing and Spoofing Messages

Phishing emails are on the rise worldwide and we want our clients to be aware of how to recognize them. Phishing emails may look like they are from a company you know or trust, such as a bank, credit card, shipping, or social site. They often ask you to click a link then asking you to login or provide credentials.

Look for companies, including Reagan.com, to address you by your name explicitly, never a generic greeting of Dear User/Member, etc. Also, avoid using email links. Instead, enter the companies web address in your browser's address bar.

For more information & Examples on identifying phishing visit Reagan.com and go to Support

06:25 PM 17 Apr 2020 - Best Practices for Email

You might receive messages from companies asking for action on your part. To ensure that you are accessing their site, we suggest that you enter the target company's Web address directly into your browser's address bar or via a search engine rather than utilizing any embedded links or pages. (Example: enter our site "Reagan.com" in your URL address bar for any emails received from our support group here at Reagan.)

Beware of any messages from companies asking you to click a link, stating they notice unusual/suspicious activity, claim a problem with your account or ask you to confirm information. Instead, follow up with that company directly by visiting their site in your URL bar and connecting directly with their support.

For more information & tips on handling suspicious messages visit Reagan.com and go to Support