5 Reasons Why Internet Security is Important Now More than Ever

September 06, 2017

The concept of internet security is increasingly gaining prominence. The topic has become a campaign issue for political candidates, lawmakers debate how to strengthen security laws, and most private email services center their work on protecting citizens' privacy. So, why is this such a hot topic?

Personal data breaches:

The more we rely on technology for banking, bill pay, tax filing and other services involving sensitive information, the higher the risk for that information to be compromised. Social Security numbers, bank account information and personal addresses and phone numbers are all potential targets for hackers. While most secure email services use advanced security measures, public email companies may rely on less-stringent protocol, meaning your information and the content of your emails could be at risk.

Identity theft:

Hackers who successfully obtain an Internet user's personal information can use the data for identity theft. That could mean maxed-out credit cards and other criminal activity that can leave the victim with quite a mess to clean up.

Cloud-based organizations:

Companies are increasingly relying on cloud-based technology to archive their data, meaning enhanced security protocols are needed to guard that pool of information. A breach into a cloud-based system could open up a company's extremely sensitive financial and other information, as well as customer and consumer data.

National security:

While the nation continues to debate the role of Russian hacking in the 2016 election, people on both sides of the aisle tend to agree that international cyber-attacks are a serious threat.

New communications concerns:

Phone calls used to be the primary means of communication for sales pitches and telemarketing but many companies now are bombarding consumers with direct mail, email and even text advertisements. The tighter internet security is, the less likely companies are to obtain and use personal contact information for sales purposes.

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