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March 12, 2019

Google Blacklists Conservative Search Results

It’s long been known that Google is one of the leading offenders when it comes to liberal bias — and now, with news of its practice of making conservative search results blacklisted — the evidence of its left-leaning policies has become even more apparent. Recently, a Breitbart investigation revealed that the company operates a list of “blacklisted” words and terms that, when users input them into the search engine, prompt the agency to manually regenerate the list of returned websites. The strategy has called into question the legality of Google’s practices and caused many to question, is there a conservative search engine that would be more accurate and fair — as it’s becoming clearer by the day that Google is neither.

The recent news was based on a leaked email thread directly from Google staffers, in which they admit that blacklisting is a common and accepted practice at the company. Queries relating to abortion seem to be at the top of the priority list when it comes to conservative search results blacklisted from the site. The documents in question came to light after an inquiry from left-leaning media outlet Slate, in which a reporter questioned YouTube’s search protocol for the topic of abortion, which the writer deemed to be too conservative-leaning. YouTube evidently revamped its search function to reorganize content, and Google also followed suit, appearing to manually manipulate the search results to artificially rank items relating to liberal views on abortion higher than others.

This is in direct contradiction to Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s claims that the company does not “manually intervene on any search result,” a pledge he made to Congress. The new evidence showing otherwise suggests an investigation into Google’s deceptive practices is in order, let alone the consideration of perjury charges against Pichai.

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